A word about the Founder
A word from the General Manager

A word from the Lab Technical Director

A word about the founder

Jacques Chevrier

A long-time resident of Pointe-Gatineau, Jacques Chevrier (1928-2015) attends the University of Ottawa which he leaves behind at the beginning of the 1950s. Utilising his studies in Commerce, he strikes out on the road as a company sales representative, a voyageur de commerce, which takes him to Chicoutimi. There he meets and marries Madeleine Lalancette, and begins founding his family.

After a few years in the Saguenay, at the heart of a vast territory taking him from construction project to construction project to sell worker safety equipment, he returns to establish himself in Montreal. At the end of the 1960s he becomes the sole Quebec representative of Baker Instruments, an Ontario company specializing in the sale of industrial precision measuring instruments. Convinced of a future in this new domain, and wishing to know more on the subject, he meets and befriends Pierre Ménard, a skilled and experienced professor in instrumentation at Cégep Ahuntsic College. It is from him that he learns the calibration and repair of these devices.

In 1975, thanks, among others, to Ménard and his wife Madeleine, he starts his own distribution company which bears his name. Little by little, the company grows until, in 1978, it is time to incorporate. That year, a provincial charter is issued to La Cie. J. Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Among Jacques and Madeleine's seven children, his older sons Denis and Pierre, while pursuing their studies, learn the trade by repairing hundreds of manometers. Denis obtains his technical instrumentation certification at Ahuntsic College, and Pierre graduates from Marie-Victorin College in Pure Sciences. Later on, their youngest brother Marc, after obtaining a degree in Business School (École des Hautes Études commerciales) joins them in the family business. Today they form the second generation management of the company. At the end of 2011, with the hiring of Catherine, Denis' eldest daughter, the third generation joins the enterprise.

The main concern of Chevrier Instruments has always been to provide its clients with high quality instruments, service and technical support, all rendered by a cordial and skilled personnel. Thanks to sound management and an expertise acquired over many years of service, Chevrier Instruments, recognized by an ISO9001-2008 certification, has well earned its reputation in the field of precision instruments.

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A word from the General Manager

Welcome to the WEB site of La Cie J. Chevrier Instruments inc.

We are proud to present you with this new element added to our regular sale and repair services.

Our site pages have been designed for easy and simple web surfing. The tool bar leads directly to the field of interest to you : catalog, technical data sheets, products classified by categories or manufacturers, purchase order or information request forms.

We believe that this new service on the WEB will bring you satisfaction. Come by often in order to learn about our new products and promotions (about every other month).

Remember that our personnel is always available to attend you shall you need additional information.

Furthermore, your comments and suggestions are essential to help us in helping you.

Have a nice surfing and thanks for your trust in us, the company and its team.

Marc Chevrier
General Manager

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A Word from the Lab Technical Director

When I started working with the company, a family business, I was the sole technician in instrumentation, and paid on a contract basis. Then came a second technician. Our work consisted mainly in repairing and calibrating Bourdon tube gauges and different thermometers, as well as transforming dry gauges into glycerine filled ones.

Some 20 years ago, we equipped the lab with an air jet nozzle to calibrate anemometers. This installation remains the best of sorts in Quebec, thanks to the solid expertise of our technicians.
Presently, we can calibrate most of existing measuring instruments and calibrators from Druck, Ashcroft, Dresser and other manufacturers, all types of thermometers, being glass, digital or bimetal thermometers, all kind of temperature probes, from thermocouple to PRT; any temperature calibrator (dry or liquid bath) from Hart Scientific, among others, any multimeter up to 6 ½ digits, ampmeter clamp, Beta (for which we are a certified service centre), Martel, Fluke, Altek, Omega calibrators, and more.

When needed, for gas measuring, dimensional, luminosity, sound and mass level instruments, we deal with calibration laboratories who meet our quality requirements and standards.

Nowadays, we comply with the international quality standards: apart from being registered ISO9001-2008, our company is a member of and registered with NEBB for the calibration of measuring instruments for air balancing contractors, and member of NCSLI, an organization dedicated to metrology science. We are presently working on the certification of ISO/CEI 17025, which should be obtained at the beginning of 2011.

As Calibration Lab Technical Director, I sum up 30 years experience in the measuring instruments field, while keeping up with continuous study in metrology. Our team counts with 4 graduated technicians qualified in metrology and an assistant for our clientele service who has been working with the company for the last 25 years.

We have learned and progressed mainly thanks to you and to your loyalty as clients. Our aim being to constantly and efficiently respond to your needs, any suggestion from your part is always appreciated. Keep on helping us to serve you better.
It is a pleasure serving you and working with you.
Denis Chevrier
Technical Director

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