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Calibration services

You need a calibration, certification, repair or warranty verification for one instrument or more?

Simply fill out the Service Form, put a copy with each instrument and send it using the shipping method of your choice.

You do not need a Return Authorization Number.

You can browse our offered services in the different sections of the menu at the left.

Upon reception of the instruments, we will contact you with price and service confirmation.


By calibration, we mean the verification and, if needed, the calibration of an instrument to adjust it to the manufacturer's specifications.

A sticker with the new calibration date and the next due date is then affixed to the instrument, and a calibration report without data is delivered with the instrument.

A calibration certificate includes a calibration and a written report with the comparison data. All measurements before adjustment are given with the certificate.

All our calibration certificates are referenced since our standards are certified and referenced to C.N.R.C. or N.I.S.T., as required by our Quality Manual.

In our calibration lab, all work is done in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 17025:2005 standards. Our lab is accredited by the CCN : 822; Certificat CNRC CLAS 2016-01.

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We can also calibrate any instrument on site with the following specialities:

  • Calibration of thermometers or temperature recorders in cold rooms.
  • Calibration of pressure gauges, industrial or sanitary type, from vacuum to 10,000 psi.
  • Calibration of differential manometers, transmitters, dial gauges, from 0 to 80 in. WG.
  • Calibration of hygrometers or humidity/temperature transmitters, from 10 to 90%RH and from 10 to 50° C.
  • Calibration of thermostat or temperature controllers with or without probe.
  • Calibration of temperature probes: thermocouple, thermistor or RTD from -30 to 600° C.

Communicate with us to confirm the feasibility to meet your requirements and your needs.

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Rental Services

Our rental service offers several types of measuring instruments. See the attached list for available equipment along with a short description and usual rental period.

All instruments are in proper working condition and come with a calibration certificate.

Since they are continuously into circulation, please contact us directly, either by eMail at info@chevrierinstruments.com or by phone at (514 328-2550, extension 28) to confirm the price and availability of desired instruments. You can also fill in and transmit us the form at the end of the Request Quotation table.