Our Calibration Services

Other specialties (see Remarks)


Calibrated instruments

  • Tachometers, contact and non-contact, portable or panel mounted.
  • Stroboscopes

Our standards

  • Certified stroboscope SHIMPO DT-311
  • HP5335A frequency counter


Calibrated instruments

  • Calipers (vernier, analog or digital)
  • Dial indicators, micrometers (depth, exterior, interior, stems)
  • Rulers
  • Levels
  • Measuring tapes,
  • Calibration blocks and weights
  • Precision squares
  • Height gauges
  • Transits
  • Angle protractors
  • Couple calipers
  • Torque wrenchs


Calibrated instruments

  • Combustion analysers (Kane May or Bacharach only)
  • Bacharach or Vulcain gas detectors
  • RCM flowmeters
  • Conductimeters
  • PH-meters
  • Stop watches
  • Luxmeters
  • Sound level meters


Remark- When necessary, we call upon specialized companies, ISO certified for the calibration of some instruments.

If that suits you, we go to your place to proceed directly with the calibration of an instrument. Otherwise, you can send us the instrument, via your carrier.

ForFor more information on our calibration or repair services, please contact our Technical Director, Denis Chevrier or by phone (514) 328-2550 extension 22. eMail: chevrierd@chevrierinstruments.com or Johanne Gravei at extension 25 or by eMail at gravelj@chevrierinstruments.com



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