Chevrier Instruments inc.

About our company

The J. Chevrier Instruments Inc. specializes in the sale and service of measuring and control instruments for industrial processes. It provides its customers with goods and services that meet the industry’s quality standards and their needs, while maintaining a first-rate service and developing technical expertise, thanks to the continuous training of its personnel and the development of its human resources. It maintains rigorous controls and works with suppliers selected for their reputation and the characteristics of their products.

Since the very beginning, La Cie J. Chevrier Instruments Inc. has made it its mission to satisfy its customers with competence, by offering a conscientious and professional service. Efficiency and speed of execution are priorities for the company, which is why it has an inventory that allows it to respond immediately to requests and to deliver as soon as possible, usually the next day.

In addition, its team is made up of professionals with technical training and specialized technicians, in order to support the quality of the product sold by a technical and professional supervision; respect of the manufacturer’s guarantee, certification and calibration.

The expertise developed over the years as well as a good management of the company have made Cie J. Chevrier Instruments inc. is well known and a leader in the field of precision instrumentation.

Mission: To meet the needs of our customers by offering a high quality service and a wide range of high efficiency and precision instruments.

Vision: To become the reference in Quebec for the sale and rental of measuring instruments thanks to our expertise and complete inventory.

Values: To foster a relationship with its customers based on trust, respect and professionalism.


Our history

Serving the industry for over 40 years

Chevrier Instruments was founded in 1975 by Mr. Jacques Chevrier, before being incorporated in 1978 under the name La Cie J. Chevrier Instruments inc. At the beginning, the offices were located in the basement of the family house in Montreal-North, before moving to a small house built for this purpose behind the residence, shortly after.

Over time, the company became associated with many well-known suppliers, such as Alnor Badotherm, Cooper, Dwyer, ENFM, Fast-Heat, and many others.

In 1983, the offices finally moved to Leger Boulevard, still in Montreal North.

In 1988, the company acquired a building on Gouin Boulevard as well as a calibration nozzle. It also launched its very first complete catalog in French. The first user’s manuals were translated a year later.

A few years later, in 1995, a humidity chamber was developed.

In 1998, we welcome the second generation of managers, composed of Mr. Chevrier’s sons, Marc, as general manager, Denis, as technical service manager and Pierre, as purchasing manager. Also begins a long collaboration as a distributor of measuring instruments for KIMO Instruments (now Sauermann Industries).

One year later, we receive the ISO 9002 certification. Then, following the course of the 2000s, the website is founded at the dawn of the new century.

At the end of 2011, the third generation joins the family business with Catherine, Denis’ oldest daughter. The laboratory became ISO 17025 accredited in 2016.

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