Jacques Chevrier (1928-2015) – Founder of J. Chevrier Instruments

A native of Pointe-Gatineau, Quebec, Jacques Chevrier completed his studies in business at the University of Ottawa in the early 1950s. Later, he began a career as a representative, a “travelling salesman,” as was common at the time. His work led him to Chicoutimi where he met his wife, Madeleine Lalancette, and created a family there.

After a few years in the Saguenay, the heart of a vast territory where he travelled from construction site to construction site to propose worker safety equipment, he returned to Montreal. In the late 1960s, he became the only representative in Quebec for Baker Instruments, an Ontario-based company specializing in the sale of industrial measuring and precision instruments.

Jacques Chevrier wanted to learn more and met Pierre Ménard, professor emeritus in instrumentation at Collège Ahuntsic. Professor Ménard introduced him to the principles of instrument calibration and repair and, in 1975, he decided to establish his own distribution company. With the help of Madeleine, his wife, and Pierre Ménard, Chevrier Instruments took form. Little by little, the company grew and, by 1978, had established a reputation for itself. It went on to become incorporated as La Cie J. Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Among Jacques and Madeleine’s seven children, two of their sons, Denis and Pierre, began to learn about the field by repairing hundreds of pressure gauges while pursuing their studies. Denis received instruction in instrumentation techniques at Cégep Ahuntsic, and Pierre, in pure sciences, at Collège Marie-Victorin. Their younger brother Marc joined the family business after studying at HEC (École des Hautes Études commerciales). Together, they form the second generation of the managers of the Chevrier company. At the end of 2011, the third generation joined the family business with Catherine, Denis’s eldest daughter.

Chevrier Instruments’ top priority has always been to offer its customers quality instruments, as well as quality service and technical support, by skilled and friendly staff.

A word from the director

Chevrier Instruments is much more than a family history…

My first memories of the company are of my father’s office in the basement of the family home in Montreal-North and of the five-line telephone with big buttons where my sisters, brothers and I would answer “Chevrier Instruments”, in the evenings and on weekends, when my father was not available.

From the very beginning of the company in 1975, my father ensured the succession of his company by developing the talent of his children, thus preparing the transition of the management and the protection of his family heritage.

I was 7 years old when the company was founded. I worked there during the summer months, first doing maintenance and shipping. A few years later, my father bought me my first computer, an Apple 2, on the condition that I produce the price lists. Then came the production of the catalogs and the layout. With my HEC diploma in Business Administration in hand, I joined the company full time as a salesman.

My father, a builder, managed his company with a masterful hand, leaving a legacy that is still alive and well: the respect and availability towards our customers, the passion to offer a quality service and especially to offer the right product to the customers and the dedication and involvement of the employees of Chevrier Instruments. This is what allows us to remain in this business.

At the dawn of his retirement, my father named me General Manager of Chevrier Instruments. Following in his footsteps is quite a challenge, but oh so rewarding. This entrepreneurial freedom, combined with the desire to perpetuate this family legacy, is a source of daily motivation. I also continue in the same vein as my father by getting involved in my community with the CDEC de Montréal-Nord, PME MTL Est-de-l’Île and Impulsion travail.

The challenges are numerous, but stimulating. Surrounded by an experienced and diversified team, Chevrier Instruments is here to stay. It is now my turn to train the next generation to continue the legacy left by my father.

Marc Chevrier,
General Manager of Chevrier Instruments

A word from the technical director

When I first started working for my family’s company, I was the only instrumentation technician and was paid on a contract basis. Then, a second technician was added. At that time, we were mainly repairing and calibrating Bourdon manometers, various thermometers, as well as transforming dry manometers to glycerine manometers.

Nearly 30 years ago, we equipped the laboratory with an air jet nozzle to calibrate propeller anemometers, Pitot tubes and air diffuser flowmeters, commonly known as Balomètre® by Alnor. Then in 2012, we acquired another even more powerful KIMO air velocity bench, to calibrate mainly hot wire anemometers.  These facilities remain the best of their kind in Quebec, thanks to the great expertise we have acquired over the years.

Currently, we are able to calibrate most measuring instruments and calibrators for pressure of all brands; all thermometers, whether glass, digital, bimetallic; all temperature probes, from thermocouple to PRT; all temperature standards (dry or liquid bath); all multimeters up to 6 ½ digits, clamp ammeters, calibrators, Martel, Fluke, Altek, Omega and others.

At the beginning of 2010, we acquired a new high precision differential pressure and low pressure and absolute pressure calibrator, which allows us to certify modules, digital barometers, low pressure transmitters and high-end calibrators from brands such as Fluke, , Rosemount, Fisher, Endress & Hauser, Beta, Druck, among others.

For gas, dimensional, luminosity, sound level and mass measuring instruments, we deal, when necessary, with calibration laboratories that meet our quality requirements.

Today, our company works to international quality standards, is a member and accredited by NEBB for the calibration of measuring instruments for air balancing contractors and a member of NCSLI, an organization dedicated to the science of metrology. We have also held ISO/IEC 17025 certification since 2016.

As Technical Director of the calibration laboratory, I now have over 40 years of experience in the field of measuring instruments, while pursuing continuing education in metrology. Our team is made up of graduate technicians trained in metrology, a coordinator and a customer service assistant.

We have learned and progressed mainly thanks to you, to your loyalty as customers. Our goal is to always respond efficiently to your needs and we appreciate your suggestions. Please continue to help us serve you better. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you.

Denis Chevrier
Technical Director