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Interchangeable pressure board with solenoid valve and a terminal for K thermocouple probe for C 310 and CA 310 sensors.


The SPI2 pressure boards for C 310 and CA 310 sensors have a temperature compensation of the gain from 0 to 50°C and an auto-calibration process which guarantee an excellent stability and a perfect reliability of the measurement as much in low as high range over time.

Auto-calibration principle: the microchip of the sensor manages a solenoid valve which compensates the drift of the sensitive element over time. The zero-point adjustment is ensured by this compensation. The differential pressure measurement is then independent from the environmental conditions of the sensor.

  • Solenoid valve lifetime: 100 million of cycles
  • Advantage: no zero-point drift
  • Periodicity of the auto-calibration: from 1 to 60 minutes, or deactivated.


Units: °F, °C, Pa, kPa, mbar, hPa, inWg, mmH₂O, mmHg, daPa


  • SPI2-100: -100.00 Pa ... 500.00 Pa
  • SPI2-500: -500.00 Pa ... 500.00 Pa
  • SPI2-1000: -1000.00 Pa ... 1000.00 Pa
  • SPI2-10000: -10000.00 Pa ... 10000.00 Pa
  • SPI2-100 / SPI2-500 / SPI2-1000 / SPI2-10000: -200.00 °C ... 1300.00 °C


  • Parameters
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Standards: UKCA
  • Wireless connection: No

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