Adjustable Angle Industrial Thermometer

SX7 & SX9

Adjustable angle industrial thermometers with 7″ or 9″ scale and 3.5″ or 6″ stem


  • Adjustable Angle Industrial Thermometer - SX7

    7" scale

  • Adjustable Angle Industrial Thermometer - SX9

    9" scale


Miljoco industrial thermometers are designed for commercial construction & industrial applications such as piping & air ducts. This instrument represents the accepted worldwide engineering standard for industrial thermometers with die cast aluminum case construction for rugged durability. The nontoxic, green organic spirit-filled tube provides an accurate and quick response while maintaining environmental safety.

  • CASE: Precision Die Cast Aluminum for maximum durability in the most abusive installations. Furnished with a anti-scratch, dark green, hard powder coat finish.
  • LENS: Standard clear shatter proof polycarbonate, or optional double strength glass.
  • SCALE: Aluminum with white finish and black markings. The scale is V-shaped for optimum readability.
  • TUBE: Furnished standard with non-toxic, green organic spirit-filled glass tube. The tube is shock mounted to reduce separation during shipment and use. The bore over the spirit column is filled with nitrogen to prevent oxidation.
  • ADJUSTABLE FITTING: Finished to match the case and provides 180 of vertical plane, and 360 in the horizontal plane, which is locked in place with a screw.
  • CONNECTION: A brass swivel or commonly used 1-1/8“-18 thread jam nut is used to secure a union hub or separate socket over the sensory bulb.
  • STEM & BULB CHAMBER: Die Cast Aluminum, tapered to fit standard industrial sockets. The bore of the stem chamber is filled with graphite, encompassing the thermometer bulb, to provide maximum speed of temperature response.
  • ACCURACY: + 1 Scale Division

See product datasheet for available temperature ranges and order code

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SX7, SX9