Black Ball

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Black ball diam.150 mm with cable gland for temperature probe diam. 2 to 7 mm (Delivered without probe).


Allows you to transform a general-purpose or room temperature probe into a black ball probe for radiated heat measurements.

  • Material: Black brass.
  • emissivity: 0.95.


Based on the principle of black bodies, it is made up of a sphere, itself equipped with a Pt 100 temperature probe or thermocouple. (Probe and thermometer are sold separately)
Simple in design, it constitutes a reliable and precise assembly.
The human body is only comfortable in a certain atmosphere, where the temperature and air movement are within specific limits.
To determine the well-being and state of health of humans or animals, the black ball thermometer gives a direct measurement of the average radiant temperature. This temperature, which the body perceives, is released by all surrounding equipment, walls, floors, furniture and various materials.

The black ball thermometer is particularly used in work environments, veterinary laboratories and animal breeding centers.

  • Hollow brass sphere of 70 (BN70) or 150 (BN150) mm, thickness of 6/10 mm.
  • Thermometer indexing system for positioning the bulb or sensitive element in the center of the sphere.
  • Coating with multi-layer paint, high temperature 600° C, matte black with average emission coefficient of 0.95.
  • Complies with the recommendations of standards NF ISO 7726 concerning "thermal environments" and X35-201 and X35-202 for "thermal constraints of humans at work".

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