Digital Pressure Gauges (Copie)

Series DPGAB and DPGWB

Digital pressure gauge with 0.5% accuracy
Economic gage with selectable engineering units and rubber boot


  • Digital Pressure Gauges (Copie) - DPGAB

    Air and compatible gases with rubber boot

  • Digital Pressure Gauges (Copie) - DPGWB

    Liquids and compatible gases with rubber boot


The Series DPGWB/DPGAB Pressure Gages offer 0.5% full scale accuracy in a rugged, easy-to-use unit at prices comparable to mechanical gages. The DPGWB stainless steel wetted material makes it suitable for a wide variety of liquids or gases. The gages feature user-selectable units of measure allowing one gage to be used for a variety of pressure scales. The DPGWB/DPGAB come with a protective rubber boot to protect against short drops and rough handling.


Service:DPGAb: air and compatible gases; DPGWb: liquids and compatible gases.
Wetted Materials:DPGAb: 316L SS, silicone sensor; DPGWb: 316L SS.
Housing Materials:ABS plastic.
Accuracy:±0.5% F.S. (Includes linearity, hysteresis, repeatability.)
Pressure Limits:2X pressure range. Vacuum range max. pressure is 30 psig.
Temperature Limits:30 to 120°F (-1 to 49°C).
Thermal Effect:0.05% FS/°F.
Size:2.62" OD x 1.52" deep.
Process Connection:1/4" male NPT.
Display:4-digit LCD (.425" H x .234" W digits).
Power Requirements:9 V alkaline battery, included, user replaceable.
Auto Shut-Off:20 minute auto shut-off.
Weight:5.6 oz (160 g).



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