Digital Vacuum Gauge


Full Range Vacuum Gauge


Accurate Measurement from Atmosphere to 1 micron

Accurately measure the entire evacuation process from atmosphere to 1 micron and immediately detect large leaks with the Appion AV760 Wireless Full-Range Vacuum Gauge. The AV760 delivers 10-point Vacuum-Verified accuracy, elite technology, and advanced app functionality for remote, real-time readings, enabling advanced analysis and diagnosis. Reliable. Repeatable. Durable.

Features and Benefits

  • High-Resolution Full-Range Response* - Atmospheric to 15k microns are displayed in 50-micron increments, and 15k to 1 micron are displayed within an ultra-fine 1 micron resolution.
  • Oil protection - A filter screen and oil catch keep the sensors clean and help maintain accurate measurements.
  • Durable - A rubberized water-resistant IP65 rated housing protects the gauge from the hazards of the jobsite.
  • Advanced System Analysis - With the Appion Central™ App, the gauge is capable of live data-logging, reporting, decay testing, and more.

How to Use High-Resolution Response

To check if your device has High-Resolution mode, turn your device on. If the screen displays a resolution setting (L. res or H. res), your device was manufactured with High-Resolution Mode. To switch between modes, press the power and Bluetooth® buttons at the same time with the gauge powered on. The screen will then display the current resolution setting.

Gauge Features with the Appion Central App™

The Appion Central App™ enables remote, real-time viewing for all Appion Digital Gauges.

Multiple, simultaneous remote readings are now possible. Easy-to-use and perfect for advanced system analysis on evolving, complex, high-efficiency systems.

When the AV760 is paired with the Appion Central App™, receive remote notifications from custom alarms when readings move beyond predetermined thresholds.

Active gauge readings enable real-time system evacuation leak test analysis, multiple alarms, and more. More functionality, less bulk.


Full Range Vacuum Measurement and Why it Matters

Full Range Vacuum Measurement is crucial to any evacuation. Other vacuum gauges begin measuring at 25,000 microns, only measuring the last 3% of the evacuation process. With the AV760 you can track the entire evacuation process. The ability to know the difference between a system leak or the presence of contaminants is invaluable when a technician is trying to quickly finish the evacuation process. This complete visibility gives you accurate, verifiable results and confidence that the job is done right. Learn more here --> Full Range Measurement and Why it Matters

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