Hygroclip 2 Standard Humidity probe


Ultra-stable, accurate and versatile probe for temperatures -50…100 °C



The standard Rotronic Humidity and Temperature probes can be used in application with temperatures from -50…100 °C / 0…100 %RH. With an outstanding accuracy of ± 0.8 %RH / ± 0.1°C. For calibration purposes the probes can be replaced without almost any downtime. Together with a Rotronic HF5, PF4/5 transmitter or HP32 the HC2A-S(H) probe is the first selection for many applications.

The HC2A-S(H) are the most sold versatile probe from Rotronic and form the basis of the product portfolio. They measure Humidity and Temperature and can calculate the dew-/ frost point.

Key features

  • Operating range -50...100 °C / 0...100 %RH
  • Accuracy: ±0.8 %RH, ±0.1 K, at 23 °C ±5 K
  • Digital interface (UART) and scalable analogue outputs, 0...1 V
  • GAMP compatible (HygroSoft software)
TypeStandard ProbeHigh Precision Probe
Application Range-50...100 °C / 0...100 %RH
Accuracy at 23 °C±0.8 %RH / ±0.1 K±0.5 %RH / ±0.1 K
Long-term-StabilityDrift <1%RH per year with clean air or similar. (see pollutant table in catalog etc.)
SensorsHumidity: Rotronic HT-1 / Temperature PT100 1/3 DIN Class B
Filter and Filter CarrierPolyethylen, 40 µm (SPA-PCB-PE)
Probe HousingPolycarbonate (black)
Dimension Measurement HeadØ 15 x 108 mm
Output SignalsDigital UART / 2x 0…1 VDC
CompatibleHF5, PF4/5, HP32


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