Internal diaphragm all welded seal

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EC series

Pressure gauges and transmitters accessorie


The ECx is a complete welded construction and designed for those applications where the process conditions are such that direct mounting of the instrument cannot be done. Applications are aggressive media, waste water treatment, or when special wetted parts materials for pressure gauges are required. ECx is typically used in combination with pressure gauges

Order codes (stocked models)

CodeGauge sideProcess sideMaterials
ECB-2F2F-NPT1/2 npt/f1/2 npt/f50mm dia AISI (316L) membrane, 316 stainless steel body
ECB-2F2M-BSP1/2 bsp/f1/2 bsp/m
ECB-4F2M-NPT1/4 npt/f1/2 npt/m
ECB-4F4F-NPT1/4 npt/f1/4 npt/f

* minimum pressure 15 psig (1 bar), maximum 2400 psig (160 bar) at 20°C, (1500 psi (100 bar) at 400°C)

* other materials and thread connections available upon request

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