Turbine flowmeters


The FLOMEC G2 Aluminum series is a compact, self-contained lineup of turbine meters that represent the ideal choice when accuracy and convenience are required for your application. Excellent for use with fuel and petroleum products.


FLOMEC 1/2-inch to 2-inch intrinsically safe aluminum fuel flow meter

The factory-calibrated, battery-operated, local computer display provides flow rate, grand total and a re-settable batch total so you have the information you need at your fingertips. In addition, twelve engineering units (Gallon, Litre, Imperial Gallon, Quart, Ounce, Acre-foot, Millilitre, Cubic Foot, Cubic Centimetre, Cubic Metre, Barrel, and Custom) are included as standard.


  • Meter is designed for thin fluids < 100 cP
  • Modular design allows for use with Output Modules, Sensors and Remote Display Kits
  • 2 Totals (Batch Total = Resettable, Total = Non-Resettable); Rate of Flow, Factory calibrated in gallons or litres. Field calibratable. Includes non-volatile totals
  • High accuracy meter
  • Internal parts are simple to replace for easy maintenance
  • AAA Alkaline battery life: 2 years

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