Compressed Gas Dew Point Meter

Easidew PDP

Compressed Gas Dew Point Meter – Easidew PDP
Dryer Portable

Dew point hygrometer for spot checking


Moisture spot checking at the pressurized outlet of a gas dryer is crucial for ensuring the quality of compressed gas. The Easidew PDP Dryer Portable hygrometer monitors and
logs key parameters like dew point, pressure and temperature in real time. It is compliant with ISO 8573-1.

  • Air-quality compliance to ISO 8573-1 Class 1–4
  • Pressure dew-point monitoring to 20 barg
  • Multi-parameter datalogging/downloading
  • Touchscreen user-friendly interface
  • Dew-point and pressure dryer outlet graphing
  • Rugged construction for tough field conditions
  • Designed for high electrical noise environments
  • Integrated self-contained travel case
  • Easy to maintain
  • Battery life of two working days


Performance Specifications
Measurement TechnologyMichell ceramic metal-oxide moisture sensorMichell advanced thick-film fast-response dew-point sensor
Dew-Point Sensor ModelEasidew EA2-TX-M12SF82-TX-M12
ISO 8573-1 Moisture Air Quality Class CompliantClass 1 to Class 4Class 2 to Class 4
Moisture Measurement Range-100...+20 °C (-148...+68 °F) dew point-60...+60 °C (-76...+140 °F) dew point
Accuracy±2°C (±3.6°F) dew point*
Moisture Response Time5 mins to T95 (dry to wet) -70...+10 °C (-94...+50 °F) dew point3 mins to T95 (dry to wet) -40...+10 °C (-40...+50 °F) dew point
Moisture Repeatability0.5°C (0.9°F) dew point
Moisture CalibrationTraceable 13-point calibration certificateTraceable 9-point calibration
certificate **
Moisture ScalesDew point and ppmV
Process Pressure MeasurementInternal pressure sensor
Pressure RangeUp to 20 barg (290 psig)
Data Logging ParametersDew point, pressure, temperature, time, date
Electrical Specifications
Integral Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium-ion
Integral Battery Charge ConnectionUSB-C
Battery Charge Cable1.5 meter USB-C to USB-C
Battery Charger (optional)Commercial 3A fast charge with 4 global universal power connection adaptors and USB-C 1.5 meter cable
Battery Operating LifeUp to 2 working days when used in power save mode
Safety StandardEN 61010-1:2010+A1:2019
Operating Specifications
Operating Temperature Range-20 °C...+50 °C (-4...122 °F)
Storage Temperature Range-40...+50 °C (-40...122 °F)
Compensated Moisture Sensor Temperature Range-20 °C...+50 °C (-4...122 °F)
Moisture Sensor Flow RateRecommended: 1...5 Nl/min | Maximum: 15 Nl/min
Mechanical Specifications
Ingress ProtectionIP65 Carry Case closed | IP54 Carry Case open
Carry CaseLifetime warranty, injection moulded polypropylene with internal storage for sample tube, filters, USB charging cable, display stylus
Carry Case Dimensions (Closed)275 mm x 125 mm x 250 mm (10.8”x 4.9” x 9.8”)
Weight3.6 kg (7.9 lb)
Integral Sample BlockStainless-steel, fully self-contained sample system with pressure sensor, fixed orifice ports for flow control and built-in filtration using a standard drop-in cartridge
Gas Wetted Materials304 stainless sample block, 316 stainless tube
Inlet Filtration on Sample BlockRemoves 99.5 % of particles ≥0.1 μm supplied with cartridge installed. 10 x spare cartridges provided.
Inlet Filter (Moisture Sensor Protection)HDPE <10 μmHMWPE <10 μm
Inlet/Outlet Gas Connections1/8” BSPT to 6 mm Legris push-fit pneumatic fittings and 2 m PTFE 6 mm tube
Optional: 1/8” BSPT to 6 mm Swagelok fitting, 1/8” BSPT to ¼” Swagelok fitting
Outlet Pigtail Pipe Assembly (optional)Coiled stainless tube for pressure safety and Class 1 -70 °C (-94 °F) dew-point moisture ingress protection
Service PanelAccess to dew-point sensor, SD Card, sample block filter, Lithium-ion battery
Display/Data Logging & Graphing Specifications
Display TypeLCD 3.5” touchscreen graphics; 640 x 480 pixel with screen stylus
Data Transfer ConnectionUSB-C to Laptop or PC
Data Transfer File TypeTXT data file
Integral SD Card Memory2 GB
Graphing FunctionPlots dew-point and pressure response over time
NOTES * Over Compensated Temperature Range
** Calibrated in 10 °C (18 °F) DP steps, -60...+20 °C (-76...+68 °F) DP





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