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Badotherm capsule pressure gauge model BDT9 is available in standard ranges from 16mbar up to 600 mbar. The gauges are suitable for corrosive environments and gaseous media that will attack copper alloys.

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This pressure gauge is typically used for applications in the chemical, petro-chemical, oil & gas, power and utilities, machine building and general process industries medium.



Dial sizes, ranges & accuracy

Possibilities in ranges and accuracies are led by the dial size. Accuracy class is based on dry gauges.

Dial sizeRangesAccuracy
63mm0…16 mbar – 0…600 mbar1,6%

Equivalent vacuum and pressure ranges are available.

Mounting variation

Not all gauges are suitable for some mounting variations. For the BDT9 series the mounting variations are below.

  • type A (10) bottom connection, direct mounting
  • type B (33) Lower-back connection U-bracket
  • type C (11) bottom connection, surface mounting (back)
  • type D (30) Lower back connection, direct mounting
  • type E (32) lower back connection, panel mounting (front)

More specifically per dial size:

Dial sizeType AType BType CType DType E
Note 1: 63mm case has centre-back connection (type B (23) & type D (20))

Process connection

Dial sizeStandard threadOptionalSW size
63mmG ¼ A or ¼” NPT12mm
100mmG ½ A or ½” NPT1/4” , 3/8”22mm

Other thread standards such as ISO 7-1 R (BSPT), or DIN 13-1 (M20x1.5) can be selected as well.

Materials of construction

  • Case: AISI 304 (optionally 316)
  • Bezel: AISI 304 (optionally 316)
  • Connection1 :AISI 316
  • Sensing element11 : AISI 316
  • Sealing1: FKM
  • Movement: Brass nickel plated
  • Pointer: Aluminium
  • Dial: Aluminium
  • Windows gasket: NBR
  • Blow out: NBR
  • Fill plug: NBR (HNBR for liquid filled)
  • Window: Acrylic
1) wetted materials

Pressure limitations

The gauge are built to withstand harsh environments however the EN 837 limits the use of a pressure gauge according below table.

Dial sizeSteadyFluctuatingShort time
63mmFSV0.9 x FSV1.3 x FSV

FSV: full scale value

Temperature limitations

The gauges can withstand ambient and process temperature up to a certain limit. The limitations on temperature are:

Dry-40°C …+60°C-40°C…+200°C

The variation of indication caused by the effect of temperature shall not exceed: ± 0.6% / 10K FSV

Standard window

Standard BDT9 gauges have an acrylic window. Depending on the case size options such as glass, or safety glass are available. With safety glass the zero adjustment option is not available.

Zero adjustment

The zero of the gauge can be adjusted by means of a set screw in the dial face.


Standard pointer is a fixed black painted aluminum pointer. Optionally the gauges can be equipped with an adjustable pointer.

Dial facing

The dial plate is made from aluminum and coated with UV resistant white coating. The black dial markings, scale, numbering, and interval is according the EN 837. Options like colored dial, customer logo, or colored segments are possible as well. Scale interval and numbering is following the EN837.

Limit stop

To prevent permanent damage the gauge is protected by an internal vacuum limit stop on the movement. These gauges also have a free zero.

Degree of protection

The BDT9 has a standard degree of protection of IP54. The values are determined according the IEC/EN 60529.

Restrictor Screw

All gauges can be executed with a restrictor of 0.8 or 0.3 orifice in AISI316.


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