Multifunction Sensor-Transmitter

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The Sauermann Si-C320 is an evolution of the KIMO C 310.

For clean rooms, regulated environments and industrial VAC applications where a perfect regulation/monitoring of the air parameters is needed, our Si-C320 transmitters provide reliable measurements and allow you to achieve compliance with the strictest regulations.

The Si-C320 housing is waterproof, rugged and resistant to vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP). It also features a colour touch screen for comprehensive viewing and advanced control of measurement parameters.

In addition, measurements can be recorded and downloaded via the Sauermann Control application/software.


  • Multifunction for VAC and IAQ applications
  • 2 x inputs for external probes
  • 4 x analogue outputs
  • 1 x RS485 interface for ModBus RTU protocol
  • Outputs diagnostic
  • Possibility to edit the channel names


  • Units: ACH, inH₂O, ppb, °Ctf, °F, °Ftf, °C, % RH, °Ctw, °Ctd, °Ftd, °Ftw, Pa, ppm, g/m³, g/kg, kj/kg, m/s, m³/h, cfm
  • Alarm: Buzzer (60 dB at 10 cm)


  • Parameters

Absolute humidity
Air Change Rate
Air velocity
Dew point
Differential pressure
Frost point
Mixing Ratio
Relative humidity
Wet-bulb temperature
Graphic touch display

  • IP Protection: IP 66, VHP resistant (Vaporized hydrogen peroxide)
  • Standards

2015/863 EU (RoHS 3)
2012/19/EU WEEE
2014/30/EU EMC
2014/35/EU Low Voltage
2014/53/EU RED

  • Wireless connection: 1
  • Power supply: 24 VAC / VDC ±10%
  • Outputs: 4 x 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-10 V and 0-5 V analogue outputs
  • Ethernet communication: No
  • ModBus network: Yes


Supplied with

  • 1 Si-C320 Multifunction transmitter
  • 4 analogue outputs
  • 1 RS485 interface with ModBus RTU protocol
  • Inputs for 2 x probes
  • 1 slot for optional differential pressure module
  • 1 slot for optional relay module
  • 1 slot for optional wireless communication module
  • Terminal blocks for power connection
  • Terminal blocks for output connections
  • Wall-mount fixing plate
  • 1 adjusting certificate

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