Humidity-temperature transmitter

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Kimo’s TH 210-R measures humidity and temperature including 0 to 100 % RH and -20 to +80°C (ambient model), -20 to +80°C (pc remote probe), and -40 to +180°C (stainless steel remote probe).


  • Stainless steel or polycarbonate probe
  • With or without 2-line 19-digits LCD display
  • 0-5/10 V or 0/4-20 mA outputs
  • Trend indicator
  • Two relays
  • Quick and easy mounting with the 1/4 turn system with wall-mount plate



  • Units: °F, °C, % RH, °C Tw, °Ctd, g/m³, g/kg, kj/kg


  • Parameters

Psychrometric calculations

  • Displays: No or 2-line display
  • IP Protection: IP 65
  • Standards
    2011/65/EU RoHS II
    2012/19/EU WEEE
    2014/30/EU EMC
    2014/35/EU Low Voltage
  • Power supply: 24 Vac/Vdc or 100-240 Vac
  • Outputs: 2 x 4-20 mA or 2 x 0-20 mA or 2 x 0-5 V or 2 x 0-10 V (4 wires)
  • Relay: 2 changeover relays 3 A / 230 V
  • Ethernet communication: No
  • Modbus network : No
25643TH210-BNSP-R24 Vdc/VacNOPCAMBIENT100 mm
25644TH210-BNDP150-RREMOTE with 2m cable150 mm
27069TH210-BNDP150-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27070TH210-BNDP150-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25645TH210-BNDP300-RREMOTE with 2m cable300 mm
27071TH210-BNDP300-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27072TH210-BNDP300-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25646TH210-BNDI150-RST. STEELREMOTE with 2m cable150 mm
27073TH210-BNDI150-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27074TH210-BNDI150-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25647TH210-BNDI300-RREMOTE with 2m cable300 mm
27075TH210-BNDI300-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27076TH210-BNDI300-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25649TH210-BODP150-RREMOTE with 2m cable150 mm
27077TH210-BODP150-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27078TH210-BODP150-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25650TH210-BODP300-RREMOTE with 2m cable300 mm
27079TH210-BODP300-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27080TH210-BODP300-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25651TH210-BODI150-RST. STEELREMOTE with 2m cable150 mm
26497TH210-BODI150-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27082TH210-BODI150-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25652TH210-BODI300-RREMOTE with 2m cable300 mm
27083TH210-BODI300-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27084TH210-BODI300-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25653TH210-HOSP-R100/240 VacYESPCAMBIENT100 mm
25654TH210-HODP150-RREMOTE with 2m cable150 mm
27085TH210-HODP150-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27086TH210-HODP150-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25655TH210-HODP300-RREMOTE with 2m cable300 mm
27088TH210-HODP300-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27089TH210-HODP300-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25656TH210-HODI150-RST. STEELREMOTE with 2m cable150 mm
27090TH210-HODI150-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27091TH210-HODI150-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable
25657TH210-HODI300-RREMOTE with 2m cable300 mm
27092TH210-HODI300-R-05MREMOTE with 5m cable
27093TH210-HODI300-R-10MREMOTE with 10m cable